Boat Tour FAQs 

How far in advance do I need to book my tour?

Aquavision Manatee Tours Photo

We reccomend you book your sightseeing tour at least a week in advance.

Will I really swim with the manatees?

After 20 years of being Crystal River's favorite swimming boat captain, we are unfortunately no longer offering manatee swims.  Aquavision Tours is only a sightseeing boat tour, offering the absolute best views in the area, with professional photography for an amazing and relaxing trip.

How long is the boat tour?

Your personal and private boat tour will last an average of three hours, at your leisure, with no rush, and no one in line behind you.

How many people do you take out on the tour?

All of the tours are private, so it will be only you and your guests.  The maximum amount of guests is 6.

Do you take pictures?


Yes, above water!  Captain Wayne has recently began dealing with some shoulder/rotator cuff pain which makes underwater photography unavailable.   Please give us advance notice if you would like to take home an HD DVD set to music and relive this magical experience.  Be the centerpiece in the magical world the Three sisters, the mystical manatees, and the amazing natural beauty of Crystal River.  Captain White will personally be using his artful eye to guarantee the best keepsake of any boat tour in town.  

For only $65 you will get incredible images of your once in a lifetime experience, saved on an HD DVD. 

Is it still legal to swim with the manatees?

There have been more regulations with manatee swims in recent years, and there are fewer boat tours than there used to be.  Only professional Captains are allowed to run guided manatee tours, ensuring the best interest of the manatee is always first. 

What kind of boat tours do you do?

You can book a sunset cruise, dolphin cruise (check for availability), or a manatee boat tour where you view and do not get into the water, but cruise on the pontoon through peaceful Crystal River.

How far are you from Orlando?

Orlando is about 1 1/2 hours from Crystal River.  It's well worth taking the day to travel to Crystal River for a peaceful experience on Florida's nature coast.

How much does the tour cost?

Each tour is a unique experience, and prices are custom to each party.  To book your tour and find out the exact price for your party, call Captain White at 352-613-1982.

Where are you located?

You will find Aquavision Manatee Tours  in Crystal River.