In Memory - Captain Wayne White

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We are devastated to bear the loss of our very own Captain Wayne White.  Mere words are impossible to chronicle the fun loving and adventurous life of a man with a heart of gold. 

We can, however, mention that he was a beacon of light for us all.  He encouraged us by his nature to never shy away from adventure.  From his time in the military to his time with his family, his passion and commitment was present.  The desire to undertake deep underwater projects to adventure from high in the mountains for the Olympic games made vividly apparent that he was truly a man that was born to live.

Captain Wayne was a fervent storyteller, as any visitor knew that had the pleasure of experiencing his boat tour.  He would tell of the history of Crystal River and of the manatees there.  This knowledge and experience along with his nature was extremely important to him, because he knew it would be important for you...and me.  No matter your status or relationship with him, he gave you his best (and with a glowing smile).  For any of us, your best is your all.  Wayne always gave his all.  The tours with the manatees, were equally...Encounters with Wayne.  

Being a fun person to be around, and always positive wasn't just how he was, it was his intrinsic essence, he was a shining star that gleamed on the Crystal River's waters and it will never be the same without him.  We will miss you.  We will remember you.  We will forever be grateful.