COVID-19 Safety Practices for Manatee Tours 

During these unprecedented times, we, at Aquavision Manatee Tours want to assure you that your safety is our top priority.

To protect all of us from Coronavirus, there are several safety practices that have been implemented, as well as standards for every manatee tour.


The wetsuits and snorkel gear that is used for all private manatee tours is always disinfected with industrial quality solutions before every tour.  In addition, the gear is cleaned and disinfected after every tour.  This has always been our policy, and is especially the case now, as we are taking extra steps to assure all gear is disinfected to the highest degree.  

In addition to cleaning gear, the entire boat surface, and every part that our visitors may come in contact with is disinfected with industrial grade solutions before and after every tour, and during the tour if needed.  We are equipped with the proper disenfectants for every tour.


With every boat tour being private, we only book tours with members of the same household at this time.  We also maintain our own social distancing for every tour.

We will ask you a few screening questions before embarking on your tour, to assure that you are in good health and have not had contact with anyone or been in any environment where Coronavirus may have spread.


Masks are required for every visitor, and are worn by us as well.  We expect our visitors to be smart and proactive in protecting themselves and others from Coronavirus, so that we all can do our part to save lives, not get sick ourselves, and get life back to normal.  

Our boat holds a maximum of 6 guests, and does have plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, maintaining distance from us so that you can relax and still enjoy your manatee tour on Crystal River.

Though we normally enjoy giving healthy snacks during your tour, we have suspended that for your, and our own protection.  We ask you to be prepared with nutritional sustenance of your own for the 3 or more hour tour.  Drinks are still provided in the cooler that is disinfected before and after every tour.

Though life is different than ever expected for everyone at this moment in time, we are happy to provide you with a safe way to still enjoy life, and all that Florida's nature has to offer.  If you have any further questions about what a manatee tour during the Coronavirus outbreak will look like, feel free to call us at +1 352-613-1982.