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West Indian Manatees in Crystal River

Manatees have had several nicknames since their discovery many years ago.  Originally thought to be real life mermaids, manatees swim just like the fantasy, though they don't look anything like them.  Nowadays, some may call them sea cows, due to the fact that they are so large, slow moving, and eating only leafy greens.  Whatever the term may be, these amazing creatures truly are gentle and harmless.  They are a wonder to see, and Crystal River is the best place in the world to view hundreds of manatees.  Three Sisters Springs offers the perfect water temperature, so manatees spend the winters here, in a special environment created by Jacques Cousteau himself.  Because of the manatees enjoying 72 degree water, where it is calm, and sometimes a bit shallow(Three Sisters has depths from 4 to 18 feet), we all need to be careful, and follow the "no wake" signs at all times.  Their lives depend on it.  Some manatees in Crystal River and Three Sisters are hurt, and you can see their scars and wounds, a sad reminder of what happens when man is careless with nature.  Captain Wayne is a Manatee Tour Guide, boat tour operator, and Captain because he loves these beautiful manatees so much, and believes they can be viewed undisturbed, with all rules being follow properly.  There are a lot of boat tours out there, but you will not find another like Aquavision Manatee Tours anywhere in Crystal River, or Florida that cares so much to protect the manatees in their natural habitat.  

"People protect what they love"  -Jacque Cousteau

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Passing Through

This manatee looks like she's the gatekeeper.