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Aquavision Manatee Tours is the top private manatee tour in Crystal River! Captain Wayne is a certified USCG Captain, a US military veteran, and a professional photographer with decades of experience.  You will get your own personal images of your manatee swim underwater, that you will keep forever, to remember your incredible experience swimming with manatees and just enjoying snorkeling in the crystal clear spring fed waters of Three Sisters Spring.  The boat tour is guided from beginning to end, as Captain Wayne tells you the history of the manatees in Crystal River and the local wildlife, and gives you a one of a kind guided manatee swim, so that you don't miss a thing.  If you have little or no experience snorkeling, Aquavision Manatee Tours is the boat tour for you, as the captain will show you how to use the snorkel, help you along & be swimming  as a guide on your snorkeling adventure.  He finds manatees for just about every tour, even in the off season, and has his camera ready underwater to catch some great pictures of the manatees, and your underwater experience. 
Though there are manatees in Crystal River throughout the year, the best time to have a tour is November-March.  Manatees are sensitive mammals, that need to be in warmer waters, so they do travel during the off season to where the water temperature is optimal for them.
If you are not the best swimmer, or just looking more to relax in the water, we provide pool noodles so you can just float along.  And if you just want to stay on the pontoon & take in the sights, feel free.  This is your tour.
The advantages of a private tour are that you don't have to hurry up and wait for strangers to get your tour started, and you get the real, uninterrupted feel of what everyday life is like in Crystal River, underwater and above.  Your tour will also be custom for you and your family or friends, going out as long as you'd like, and doing what you want to do.  This is what a Florida nature coast vacation is all about!

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